Ann-Louise Davidson

Ann-Louise is an associate professor of Education at Concordia University where she Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.36.22teaches in the educational technology graduate program.

Her research interests revolve around the changes brought by digital technologies in society and in the educational system, and their impact on how human beings learn individually and socially. In education, she uses collaborative action research methods as a means to understand and explain how users experience technologies. In non-educational settings, she studies the impact of digital technologies on the social integration of minorities and marginalized populations.

In the past few years she has been involved with several charitable organizations to help adults living with intellectual disabilities develop new capabilities through solving ill-structured problems and developing a better sense of self-advocacy. She has published articles in the field of technology in education, including how teachers use technologies in pedagogical activities, how technologies can be used to learn and how they can be used to design learning individually and in communities of practice.

Ann-Louise will speak at Let’s be creative about ageing workshop