Brigitte Trousse

Brigitte Trousse, PhD, is a senior researcher at Inria. She leaded two research teams : AID (1995-2001) and AxIS (2002-2013). She conducted for over 30 years SHS-ICT Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.30.05interdisciplinay researches in Artificial Intelligence for supporting user centered design processes of complex artefacts and usage-driven processes within ecosystems such as Living Labs.

Fields of expertise include Knowledge Management and reasoning technics in AI, Usage Mining, analysis of User Behaviours changes & User Experience, living labs. She conducted several PPPP based ICT projects for smart cities, mobility, tourism and more generally for sustainable development at regional, national and european levels. From 2007 she was active within the French and European community of living labs: she is the Inria representative of the ICT Usage Lab, the first french living lab labelled by ENoLL (1st wave); she was a co-founding member of the ENoLL association (2010) and also the chair of the association & France Living Labs" (2012). From OpenLL2014 (Amsterdam) and with the support of the France –Quebec cooperation program (CPCFQ 2015-2016) and ENoLL, she acts towards the consolidation of the francophon network of living labs and the creation of « Francophonie Living Labs ».

See URLs : LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Researchgate

Brigitte will speak at the workshop « Empowering everyone to innovate » sharing visions and practices of how to achieve it through collaboratories (Part 1 and Part 2)