Cité Mémoire

Since the beginning of May, people who walk in Old Montreal can admire 19 new multimedia paintings. Loosely inspired by the history of Montreal, Cité Mémoire invites you to meet a host of characters who’ve witnessed the city’s evolution first-hand.

Poetic, dreamlike and occasionally playful, the augmented reality tableaux come alive with images, words and music. Projected throughout Old Montreal, the work appears on the very walls that surround us, the ground on which we walk, the trees that frame our present.

The organisation of Montreal’s Open Living Lab Days invites you to participate in this incredible quest to discover Montreal and its history.

We are planning a get together dinner at the Scena at 6:00 pm. Once you’ll have met with a couple other OLLD participants and enjoyed a meal, you can start the visit from there! (We recommend you wear your badges to help meet with other participants!)

The projections will start 15 minutes after sunset and it will take you about 60 minutes to visit 6-7 tableaux out of the 19.

To participate to the Cité Mémoire experience, download Montréal en Histoires free application that will guide you through the Old Montreal to find the different tableaux. Soundtrack and historical contexts are available in 4 languages. Don’t forget your headphones and raincoat or umbrella in case of rain!

You don’t have an internet connection? Not a problem! You can connect your smart phone or tablet to the free Montreal Wifi (MTL WI-FI)! Please visit OId Montreal’s website for other activities ideas!