Workshop: Empowering End-users from Factors to Actors

This workshop is to SHARE and BUILD FUTURES



Thursday 25th of August from 9h00 to 10h30




The workshop is focused on the increased awareness which is created by having users/citizens participating in Living Lab activities and design, at the same time as we develop systems which create an added value and enable users to become actors rather than factors.
The workshop will use the USEMP and IoT Lab projects as cases to illuminate this, and will also give examples of the opposite in many projects where the users are only invited as factors (data-containers)


Empowering users, Social Media, Smart Cities, Crowds engagement


This workshop will focus on users as competent actors in development and innovation of services in the new digital world. Examples will be given mainly from two EU projects where empowerment of users is much in focus. the first project, IoT Lab is a European Research project which aims at researching the potential of crowdsourcing and the Internet of things for multidisciplinary research and experiments with more end-user interactions. The second project is USEMP where we have worked on a framework that will empower the users by enhancing their control over the data they distribute or interact with in online social networks.
Issues which will be discussed are:
– citizens needs should drive innovation and growth in cities
– Data as the Holy Grail
– From users as Factors through users as Actors and back again
– Who creates value from data and who captures it
– The new data economy and what it impliy

Who should attend? Living Lab Managers and Living Lab practitioners

Capacity: 30 people

Draft agenda

  • Introduction by facilitators
  • 1 h real-life “workshoping”
  • Wrap-up and summary

(Expected duration: 1½ – 2 hours)

Session facilitators:

Marita Holst and Anna Ståhlbröst, Botnia Living Lab (Luleå University of Technology)