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Communautique is a precursor for the arrival of Living Labs in Montreal, and has greatly contributed to the renown and advent of Fab Labs in Quebec. Communautique opened échoFab, the first Fab Lab in Canada, and co-developed the Fab Labs Québec network. Communautique is the initiator of the Matière grise QI2025 project, an ecosystem dedicated to the silver economy, the economy by and for seniors.

Communautique has chosen to partner with members of the Aging, Communication, Technologies (ACT) research network at Concordia University who are assisting Communautique with the organisation of OpenLivingLab Days 2016 by providing space and infrastructure and contributing to the intellectual and creative development of activities. Concordia University, a visionary and progressive university dedicated to creativity and citizenship, is located in the heart of Montreal and is an ideal co-host for this event.

At Concordia, scholars, facilities and city inspire 46,000 students to engage with big questions head-on. As a comprehensive university they search for innovative solutions and make positive contributions to society. With strong ties to the larger community, Concordia is a leader in citizen driven innovation. This work transforms the social fabric and changes the life trajectories of those involved, creating and reinforcing the habits of participatory citizenship. Creative. Diverse. Concordia pushes boundaries by crossing disciplines. Acclaimed fields include aerospace, nanotechnology, journalism, genomics, design, gaming, studio arts, and urban sustainability.

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