Workshop: How to recruit, motivate and engage users in difficult projects.

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Thursday 26th of August from 9h00 to 10h30




Users are a critical element of living lab research. Within a living lab project, it’s not always easy to recruit, motivate and engage users to participate and keep participating. Projects differ and aren’t always sexy and inviting to users, as well as the tasks within the projects. That’s when methods like storytelling and gamification can help.

The purpose of this workshop is to present and discuss three methods that can be used as a guideline to recruit, motivate and engage users during a living lab project. The three methods will be presented by using three accompanied use cases. Those use cases are three projects we executed during last year and were successful in recruiting, motivating and/or engaging the user.

As expected outcomes, we hope to give the participants a few ideas and guidelines to recruit, motivate and engage users during a difficult, disagreeable or even boring living lab project. We also hope to exchange experiences and come up with new methods and ideas.


User engagement, storytelling, gamification, community building; user motivation; user recruitment


Living labs give researchers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to have their innovative solutions thoroughly tested and co-developed by their target audience. Through living lab-research, the user is already involved from an early stage and then throughout the innovation process. The users need to be recruited, motivated and engaged during a living lab project. Projects and/or tasks within the project are very diverse and can be disagreeable, boring or hard work for the user.

Within this workshop we will present three use cases of difficult projects in terms of motivating, recruiting and/or engaging users. We will discuss three methods we used to recruit, motivate and engage the user to participate and keep participating in a living lab project that wasn’t fun or an easy task.

Who should attend?

This workshop is interesting for people who needs to or wants to recruit, motivate and/or engage users in a living lab project.

Max. number of participants: 15

Organiser and facilitator: 

Kathy Oelbrandt, Panel manager at iMinds Living Labs

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