Innovative visit: Age 3.0 Age 3.0 – The Creative Aging Fair


August 25, 2016, from 9am to 5 pm


Atrium of the EV Building of Concordia University, 1515 Ste-Catherine Street West


It surrounds the first Creative Aging Fair, which engages the citizens, businesses, and organizations in a conversation about the realities of aging. It is a part of a promising movement towards a collective understanding and “sustainable aging”.

You will be able to see and experience the innovations that are happening right now inside research centres and companies. Visitors will be invited to experience, evaluate, and provide feedback on products, services and projects that will be presented at the kiosks.

A multitude of activities will also take place, including :

  • research panels
  • an exhibiton of art installation, performances, and socially relevant activities about aging
  • a poster session on aging, presenting the work of emerging researchers and graduate students

To get more information about the schedule, luncheon and exhibitors please visit the following website 


The Canadian population, currently at 35.5 million, is expected to reach 42.5 million in 2056. Seniors are expected to make up 25.7% of that population–compared to the 21% projected worldwide–or nearly 11 million Canadians.

Communautique, the ACT Project (Aging + Communication + Technologies) and Concordia University are playing their part with this interactive and participatory event in order to contribute to this important movement toward sustainable and creative aging.


  • Communautique
  • ACT project
  • Concordia University