Innovative visit: Milieux Institute Open House


Thursday, 25 August, 2-4pm


Meeting point: Concordia University, 1515 St-Catherine Street, EV building 11th floor, room 11.705


Milieux is a recently founded Institute at Concordia composed of multiple cross-disciplinary clusters working at the intersection of arts, culture and technology. At Milieux we examine, co-create and share ideas, technological prototypes, experiences and practices that challenge assumptions about what is possible to be, to do and to imagine in a rapidly changing digital world.

Our main focus is on creative and critical articulations of new technologies and the production of tangible, playable and accessible research that can be useful to generate new meaning and inform participation, engagement and innovation across culture, economy and civil society.

Milieux breaks down barriers that have separated researchers, designers and artists in the university to work with communities, industry and the cultural sector to explore new solutions to pressing problems through core research on the interaction between people, technologies and culture.

Join us on August 25th from 2-4pm and explore our spaces, meet our students and researchers and join us in discussions of new initiatives and projects with Living Labs in mind. 


 Discover our efforts in interactive textiles, indigenous futures, game design, critical disability and differential mobilities, physical computing and performance, bio-maker spaces, media history and more.

More info: Research clusters

  • textiles + materiality
  • post image
  • media history
  • indigenous futures
  • technoculture, art and games
  • performance, immersion and interactivity
  • community + differential mobilities


  • gaming lab
  • wet/dry maker lab
  • interactive textiles
  • production studios
  • photography and image making
  • virtual reality and immersive studios
  • mobilities lab
  • student lounge
  • collab/cowork spaces


Bart Simon, Director of Milieux, is Associate Professor in Sociology and Anthropology working in the areas of cultural and digital sociology, STS, and game studies and design with a 10 year history of building interdisciplinary collaborations, research centres and new academic organization.

Harry Smoak, Head of Operations Head of Operations and Coordination, is a PhD graduate of Concordia’s INDI program working at the intersection of the arts, technology and research culture.  Essentially, he considers himself to be a student of behavior.

 For more information on Milieux and its activities see: