Innovative Visit: VERT CITOYEN

Green, engaged and urban innovation: a new system design?


Thursday August 25th from 2 pm to 5 pm.


Meeting point: Concordia University EV Building 1515, St-Catherine Street Visit of Concordia Greenhouse followed by a bus ride to Mile-End borough and back.




CITIZEN GREEN / VERT CITOYEN is an interactive visit highlighting civic engagement and urban ecology that offers participants a unique experience through which they will:

  • live a true rendez-vous with local Living Labs;
  • discover two boroughs emblematic of social innovation effervescence in Montreal : Downtown and Mile-End;
  • visit Concordia Greenhouse (institutional project), Le Champs des possibles (urban project) and engage with Temps Libre (co-working space);
  • experience an unusual co-creation experience in the context of an emerging ecosystem A conversation about biodiversity, engagement and human systems.

Various organisations of the ecosystem will have co-created an activity to activate a dialogue between their knowledge of local context and international Living Lab expertise of visitors.

Citizen Green is a new model of visit specially elaborated for the OLLD 2016. This kind of visit taps into storytelling, co-creation and collaborative learning.

First Step …

  • Organisers wish to co-create with the Downtown and Mile-End community organisations the storytelling of the position they hold in the emergence of their ecosystem. They will be coached about the work to be done and the context in which it happens as well as about the preparation of the Citizen green visit and harvest.

Second Step …

  • Visit and co-creation activity will be facilitated by the organisers in order to foster dialogue between Montrealers and their visitors. Local and foreign leaders of multistakeholder projects will draw the sound conditions for the emergence of ecosystems as well as the best strategies of success for green, engaged and urban development.


  • Harvest of this discussion will be oriented towards the illustration of how Living Lab methodology is impacting Design (human-centered design/system design) to be shared, among others, at the World Design Summit to be held in Montreal in 2017



Annual Living Labs meeting event will be held in Montreal, Canada from August 23rd to August 26th. This year’s theme is “Citizen Driven Innovation. Developing the innovation system that empowers everyone to innovate.”During this event, held for the first time in North America, participants are invited to OLLD 2016 Innovation visits. This becomes a privileged moment to meet and have a conversation with actors from a variety of horizons as well as to appreciate the scope of local Living Labs and the strength of local citizen engagement.

Montreal is holding a strong position in the world regarding its models of development. The City is characterised by a distinctive social innovation effervescence that leads to reinventing, in both languages, organisational, governance and economic models while reconfigurating social and human connexion.

CITIZEN GREEN is an invitation to discover surprising advances in civic urban ecology in Montréal. It is also an invitation to participate in their Future…


  • Anne-Marie Grandtner, Espace U Montréal – a consulting partnership aiming at helping individuals, business and organisations generate a future that is rooted in and driven by creativity and innovation, interconnectedness of purpose and people
  • Raquel Peñalosa, works at the encounter of Landscape Architecture, Urban Participatory Design, Active Citizenship and Social Innovation