Into my world

This workshop is to LEARN

WhenFriday 26th of August from 10h45 to 12h30

Where: EV-6.720


“Into my world” is based on an experience of deep immersion in the needs of people suffering from handicap. How to let anyone truly experience real life problems in order to criticize positively a new technology.

In April 2016, the WeLL co-organized a workshop (details in French and video in English ) on handicap dedicated to students (engineers, developers and designers). Thanks to FabLab facilities, students were immerged in real life situations lived by disabled people. They were then asked to develop prototypes using 3D printing, Arduino and Raspberry in order to solve real life problems.

Based on the experience of this workshop, the WeLL will propose to participants of “Into my World” to live a similar experience of immersion using accessories and creativity tools, to test the prototypes that have been developed by students and to suggest improvements. Doing so, we hope to achieve a practical use of Living Lab methodology and allow the participants to experience conditions for empathic immersion.

Theme: Health, handicap, empathic and deep immersion


“Into my world” is a 90 minute-workshop designed for teams of 4 to 7 participants:

  • We start this workshop with an empathic immersion in handicap, using personas and real life scenarios. Participants are divided in small groups.
  • We go deeper in the immersion, using accessories to figure handicaps like deafness, mobility constraints, … in real life scenarios.
  • We present different technological prototypes to the participants (at different maturity levels, coming from our Lab and partners). Participants are invited to test these prototypes based on different real life scenarios and to identify how they could be improved in this context.
  • At the end of the workshop, each group is invited to give its feedback about the deep immersion phase and about improvements identified to make the prototype evolve.

Target audience: between 12 and 30 people. Anyone is welcome!

Workshop organizers and facilitators :

This workshop will be led by Lara Vigneron and David Dalla Vecchia (WeLL) with facilitation support by André Gobeil, Rachel Berthiaume and David Guimont from LLio with Claire Stenel, videographer.



David Dalla Vecchia is an electrical & electronical engineer. In 2003, he founded a company called RFIDea specialized in RFID and IOT technologies and was its CEO until 2013. He joined the WSL team in 2014 as business and technology manager of thelabs (coworking space, offices and clean rooms rental integrating infrastructures dedicated to microsystems, to microelectronics and to medical device, the WeLL). He coaches for WSL more than 20 engineering start-ups and spin-offs and is responsible for business development for the WeLL.

Lara Vigneron graduated as a civil engineer in 2001 and holds a PhD in Applied Sciences of the University of Liège. Her PhD focused on biomechanical models of the brain for image-guided neurosurgery. She worked during six years as product and business developer for Materialise, a company active in 3D printing and software development for industrial and medical applications. After a postdoc at the academic department SPIRAL (University of Liège) in the field of Living Labs, she currently works as project manager and is responsible for the Wallonia e-health Living Lab (WeLL).