Keynote speaker Thierry Karsenti

Empowering and Engaging Citizens to Increase Innovation

Thierry Karsenti, M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Canada Research Chair on technologies and Education

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Empowerment and engagement are the new buzzwords in community development. But how do we empower and engage citizens to increase innovation in our society? What can we do to empower and engage citizens? What are the most effective ways to get them engaged? This conference will illustrate how technology can empower citizens and get them engaged in innovative change. We will also look at how technological innovations can empower people to change their communities for the better. The conference will conclude with 20 practical recommendations.

Thierry Karsenti, M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. holds the Canada Research Chair on Technologies in Education.  He is also a Full Professor at the University of Montreal. He published more than 25 books and 250 scientific articles on the use of technologies in education, on teacher education and on e-learning. Professor Karsenti also published his research in more than 10 languages. Professor Karsenti’s research center, the CRIFPE (Research Center on Teachers and Teacher Education), received the Canadian Education Association Whitworth Award for Best Education Research Center in Canada from the Canadian Education Association. He also worked on a project with the African Virtual University where he published more than 100 curricula in three languages (English, French and Portuguese) for African teachers and Teacher Education in Africa. As part of his professional activities, Professor Karsenti also participates in various projects of international scope, thereby playing a key role in a vast international network in which the technologies of information and communication in situations of open and distance learning are becoming a high priority.