Learning Community: Appropriating Technology through Inclusive Pedagogy

This experimental and interactive session is to LEARN and BUILD FUTURES

When: Tuesday 23rd of August from 15h30 to 17h



Connectivist learning on/through Open Education. Emergence of a community of practice around technopedagogical appropriation.


Open Education, Technopedagogical Innovation, Technological Appropriation


To some technology enthusiasts, “social innovation” has become a buzzphrase to describe the actions of small groups engineering and designing “solutions” for the problems they perceive. As a result, digital divides may shift but citizens remain as excluded from innovative processes as ever. Helping diverse people as they appropriate technology together means that communities can build technology through usage and make sure that tools are appropriate to their own contexts.

After a fifteen minute overview of key issues, this two-hour workshop will consist of hands-on activities seeking to stimulate community-building through prototyping learning material with varying degrees of formal structure.

Who should attend?

Living Labbers interested in learning spaces, pedagogues encouraged by Living Lab methodology, and community facilitators wishing to broaden our spheres of agency may come together with project ideas in mind. A diverse group of twenty participants would be ideal.

Workshop organiser/facilitator:  Alex Enkerli