Living Lab network as human-centric and citizen-driven open innovation and experimentation platform

“We are living in a plastic moment, and now is our time to connect more intentionally in service of a future that brings more connectedness and wellbeing to all” (Otto Scharmer, One Earth, Two Social Fields published on


As practice-driven organisations that facilitate open innovation Living Labs are innovation arenas connected to their local ecosystems and in constant evolution. The Living Lab approach offers benefits to companies, users, developers and public financiers. In living labs, the goal is to create value for all stakeholders by having processes that emphasize this approach.

This co-created brainstorm is facilitated by the President of ENoLL Tuija Hirvikoski, supported by the ENoLL team and reflects on the future of our practice-based Living Labs and open innovation community. These experimentation platforms have been evolving considerably during the last years: what are the next steps, how are Living Labs and ENoLL going to lean into future?

Invited speakers will discuss co-creatively on a number of absorbing Living Lab-related topics including:

– Social innovation and technological evolution: how to find a nice balance when living labbing?

– How do Living Labs generate value for the different stakeholders involved

– What are the skills needed to run user-driven innovation projects in the future

– The future of ENoLL: a co-created brainstorm on the future of our practice-based community

– Links between Living Labs and social enterprises: what are the similarities, what about the differences, and on which common ground could collaboration happen?

Moderator: Dr. Tuija Hirvikoski, ENoLL President  Presentation

Invited panelists:

  • Irmo Kaal, City of Eindhoven
  • Samantha Slade, co-founder Percolab
  • Living Lab user: Steeven Pedneault, Chargé de projet, social innovation at Trajectoire
  • Prof. Pieter Ballon, Director of iMinds – iLab.o (tbc) Presentation

Where: H-110