Networking Sprint

Where: H-110

14:00-14:30: Sprint 1 Pitches

10th wave Pitches
Alexis STEINER – User-Centered Innovation Lab (uCIL)
Mathilda Tham – Introduction of Småland Living Lab
Evdokimos Konstantinidis – Introduction of Thess-AHALL Living Lab
Louise Guay – Introduction of Living Lab de Montréal
Sonja Pedell – Introduction of Future Self and Design Lab
Marie Pierre Faure – Introduction of CforCare 

14:30-15:15: Speed Dating

 15:15-15:45: Sprint 2 Pitches  (2 parallel sessions) 

 A) Health and Well-being
Mickael CHALEUIL – Collaborative Platform for Telemedicine Project
Bert Desmet – ONLINE communities, digital solutions for frail people
Amanda Third – Young and Resilient Living Labs // Cultivating capacities to thrive in a digital world
B) LL Best Practices
Penny Evans – Tips & Tricks: a new tool for Living Labs
Fernando Vilariño – Implementation of a Living Lab in the cultural Context
Eric Seulliet – Innovation platforms and tools for Living Labs 
Laurent DUPONT – “Fab Living Lab” research platform
Omer Onur – Tools for co-operating and sharing Living Lab Creations 

15:45-16:30: Living Labyrinth

Interest Groups
>Urban & Smart City Living Labs
moderator: Marita Holst (Botnia Living Lab)
>Regional/Territorial Living Labs
moderator: TBD
>Living Lab services for SMEs
moderator: Joëlle Mastelic (Energy Living Lab)
>Research on Living Labs
moderator: Dimitri Schuurman (iMinds)
>Health Living Labs
moderator: Kelly Verheyen (LiCaLab)


16:30-17:00: Sprint 3 Pitches 

Network of Networks
Andree Woodcock – Network of Networks: Developing Age Friendly Cities
Gareth Priday – Australian Living Labs Innovation Network 
Brigitte Trousse – Francophonie Living Labs 
ICT & Smart Cities
Apoorva Bajaj – CASA Dallas-Fort Worth Living Lab for Severe Weather
Andree Woodcock – Pitch: Empathic codesign with vulnerable users