Practical Info

Montreal Tourisme Montréal, Mario MelilloMary Queen of the World Cathedral / Skyline of downtown
Credit : © Tourisme Montréal

As we gather more practical information for OpenLivingLab Days 2016 & Montreal regarding the venues, accommodation options and social activities we will be updating you via these pages. You can already find information on suggested hotels here with preferential rates we have negotiated for you.

About the city:

Founded over 370 years ago, Montréal is situated at a crossroads of American and European influences that have given it a unique personality within North America. It is a city with an urban environment and a healthy quality of life that enjoys an outstanding reputation for its artistic creativity, its culinary excellence and the warm welcome it extends to visitors.

Montreal City is also a resilient smart city where innovative urban policies are beginning to be the markers of the City strategies, a UNESCO City of Design where three words are deeply rooted in the inhabitants ways of life: development of potential, widening of human creativity and empowering people; the headquarter of the Quebec Network of Living Labs with more than 50 researchers and, finally among others greatest innovation enters, the international secretariat of Future Earth and Innovation District.

About the venue:

At Concordia, our scholars, facilities and city inspire 46,000 students to engage with big questions head-on. As a comprehensive university we search for innovative solutions and make positive contributions to society.

With strong ties to the larger community, Concordia is a leader in citizen driven innovation. We believe that this work transforms the social fabric and changes the life trajectories of those involved, creating and reinforcing the habits of participatory citizenship.

Creative. Diverse. Concordia pushes boundaries by crossing disciplines. Acclaimed fields include aerospace, nanotechnology, journalism, genomics, design, gaming, studio arts, and urban sustainability.