The Montreal Skyline at the (happy) Shintaïdo hour!

Come and gaze at the view of Montreal skyline. Come and gain perspective!

Shintaido class is an opportunity to give yourself a moment to breathe, to reconnect, to gather good energy and good vibes to start you conference day afresh. But there is more to it!

In this short format, Shintaïdo class will introduce you softly to static, moving, hopping, sung and meditative movements. You will be able to appreciate the simplicity and the power of this Japanese martial art. Trough individual, pair and group exercises you will be able to gain concentration and refine your physical and emotional flexibility to stay open to the day surprises.

The real bonus is to let go of “attack” and “defence” and learn “give” and “receive”. Explore how Shintaïdo can give you an unexpected opportunity to practice the important capacities to be brought into Living Lab processes: connection and collaboration!

Shintaido. The new body way –

From 7:30 to 9 AM

Wednesday August 24 / Henry F. Hall building, room 705

Thursday August 25 /EV Building 11th Floor

Friday August 26 /EV Building 11th Floor

Anne-Marie Grandtner, 3Cercles-Shintaido

Engaged for a long time in education, management and concertation, both in the museum and university worlds, Anne-Marie Grandtner is dedicated to rekindle the magic of being and working together. She wants to activate the CO factor!

For more than a decade, she has been practicing Shintaïdo, a body practice coming form Japanese martial arts. She is studying with one of the founder of Shintaïdo, H.F. Ito Senseï and with Shintaido of America. She is the only one teaching it in Montreal.

With 3Cercles-Shintaïdo Anne-Marie works at sharing Shintaïdo, combined to collaborative practices to develop generative capacities for engaging in systemic change, to develop 21st Century skills: concentration, connection and collaboration.