“Empowering everyone to innovate”

Sharing vision(s) and practices of how to achieve it through Collaboratories

This interactive co-creation session is to BUILD FUTURES

When: Friday 26th of August from 9h00 to 12h30



The ENoLL General Assembly adopted in Manchester Feb 2015 a shared vision: “Empowering everyone to innovate”. Such a vision is also shared by the France-Quebec project “Francophonie Living Labs” which aims to disseminate the living lab concept and this vision in Francophonie. But how to do that? Is it possible to empower everyone to innovate? In one side, we see an emerging trend to opening up the current innovation systems, including users and citizens as actors in co-creating ideas, products and services. In the other side, there is a strong resistance to open up the research and innovation systems, traditionally in the hands of big academic institutions, corporations and governments.

Living Labs are not alone in the challenge of “democratizing innovation” (von Hippel). “Lab” is becoming a replicant meme that different kinds of organizations are using to identify themselves (fablabs, citizen labs, city labs, creative labs, idea labs, energy labs, edulabs, open labs …). We are going to a world of labs, emerging new movements, networks and organizations in the innovation arena.

Some societies such in Europe or Canada have already developed universal public systems like education or healthcare. Could the innovation systems become also universal ecosystems? Are the so-called Quadruple Helix models an embryo of such new systems?

Themes: Democratizing innovation, citizen-driven innovation systems, empowering everyone to innovate, and smart territories, inter-labs relations, collaborations, collaboratories.


This workshop will be divided in two parts: vision & issues and strategy & actions. Participants could attend the two Parts or choose only one Part

In Part I, the vision & issues, we will first share the theories of citizen-driven innovation ecosystems at a conceptual level. We will discuss the idea of “empowering everyone to innovate” from different perspectives: for example, a) from the political one, the right to innovate as a new basic human right in the digital era; b) from the technological one, how digital technologies can help to achieve this vision; c) from the economic one, is it innovation a means for adding value, or is it a value in itself? How open innovation is related with this vision?

Our goal in Part I aims to address the complexity of such a challenge by starting and building a collective map of various aspects/dimensions/points of views, and also by collecting practical experiences, opportunities and obstacles in that direction as well as general and visionary ideas about the meaning of this vision and its limitations.

Then in Part II the strategy & actions, we will discuss ways to realize such a vision. We will adopt more the lab or/and territory viewpoint collecting various examples of collaboration between labs (living labs, fablabs, social innovation labs, etc.) on a territory or examples of various initiatives from territories (cities, urban communities, regions, etc.) to emphasize such collaborations or/and user driven innovation. Are smart cities and regions benefiting smart citizens strategies? Is collaborative economy developping citizen-driven innovation ecosystems? How can living labs organizations get recognition in the official innovation systems? Are we reforming or recreating such innovation ecosystems? How can we build new frameworks of inter-collaboration between labs?

Participants: the target audience is LL specialists and guests from different organizations with expertise in citizen driven innovation projects and/or participative approach (fablabs, open labs, researchers on this topic, etc.)

We invite all interested participants to send before August 19th to labs@inria.fr any contribution/comment/position paper related to the workshop themes as well as from the lab view or from the territory/city view and such as reformulation of the theme, modelling elements of such a vision, concretes examples of living labs realizing this vision, or concrete examples of cooperation between a living lab and other labs on a territory, etc. The contributions will be shared to the participants of the workshops. Please use the template http://www-sop.inria.fr/teams/axis/OLD16/WS-template.doc

Organisers: this workshop will be led by Artur Serra (i2cat & Citilab & ENoll vice-chair – Strategy Group, Spain) and Brigitte Trousse (Inria CRISAM & France Living Labs & ENoll council) with facilitation support by members of Francophonie Living Labs (2015-2016 CPCFQ project ): Virginie Zingraff (Rang 3 Arcadie lab, Montréal), Laurent Dupont (University of Lorraine, Lorraine Fab Living Lab, Nancy), Patrick Dube and René Barsalo (SAT, Montréal, tbc), Isabelle Verilhac (LL Cité du Design, St Etienne, tbc).

URL: http://www-sop.inria.fr/teams/axis/OLD16


Artur Serra, artur.serra@i2cat.net

Brigitte Trousse, Brigitte.Trousse@inria.fr