Value creation and Living labs : Users “Takin’ care of business

This workshop is to LEARN

WhenFriday 26th of August from 9h to 10h30

Where: EV-6.720


How to convince / contaminate stakeholders (NGOs , Clusters, SMEs , Business , City, etc.) to become users of the Living Lab approach


Living Labs selling proposition; regional Living Lab; health


How Living Labs could approach potential partners who are not yet convinced or who do not know the Living lab approach? The premise of the workshop is to “Co-construct arguments with them!”

This workshop will bring together living labs stakeholders with external stakeholders (10 to 15, invited by the LLio and WeLL) to co-construct the argument speech that will convince them. The workshop will take the form of cards game (eg. Challenges, LL characteristics and target markets) in different phases (approach/draw attention, convince, recruit).

The playground will be the workshop room.

Who should attend? Living Lab practitioners and specialists and external guests

Capacity: 20-40 participants plus 10-15 from external organisations (who don’t know living lab methodology)

Workshop organisers/facilitators: 

This workshop will be led by André Gobeil (LLio), with facilitation support by Rachel Berthiaume and David Guimont from LLio and David Dellavechia, Lara Vigneron and Alessandro Acconcia from WeLL with Claire Stenel, videographer (LLio)