Workshop: Learning Thinking for Citizen Co-design

How can changing the process engage users and foster stronger outcomes?

This interactive co-creation session is to SHARE and BUILD FUTURES

WhenThursday 25th of August from 09h00 to 12h30

Where: EV-7.735


Collaborating to develop methods for citizen co-design


Learning Thinking / Citizen Co-design


In recent years we have seen an increasing movement towards citizen co-design, involving and engaging citizens in development projects, public spaces, and even infrastructure in our cities. The shadow side of this desire to include citizens is a common assumption (or fear) that these same projects are simply too complex and complicated for regular folks, or anyone but the most experienced experts, to understand and think about in an intelligent way. In recent years, percolab has repeatedly collaborated with the City of Montreal to develop responsive, creative, meaningful, and simple methods for citizens to imagine and develop their own city while working within the real confines and boundaries of technical specifications, rules and regulations, and social complexity.

In this workshop, we will explore the ‘learning thinking’ principles that guide our work and invite participants to collaborate together and develop their own methods using a real-world example from the surrounding Concordia campus.

Who should attend? All backgrounds

Capacity: 25-35 participants

Session organisers and facilitators: Elizabeth Hunt and Cédric Jamet, percolab

Percolab’s mission is to reinforce participatory and collaborative practices within organizations and communities in order that they may better respond to complex issues in service of the common good. Since 2007, we have worked in the domains of social and organizational innovation through practices that mobilize and harness the collective intelligence of groups.